Fire Department Physicals

Since 2001, Onsite Medical Service has been providing annual on-site medical services to manufacturing and municipal clients. We can also provide fire department physicals for Hazmat and Non-Hazmat members. We have over 1,200 satisfied customers in the surrounding 20 state area.

Fire Department Physicals:

  • Our current services include: Audiometric Testing, Respirator Medical Evaluations, Qualitative and Quantitative Respirator Fit Testing, Vision Screening, Wellness Testing, Custom Molded Hearing Protection, and SCBA user exams.
  • Sample Annual Surveillance would include: Respiratory Questionnaire Review, Pulmonary Function Test, Vital Signs, Resting EKG, Dip UA, and Mantoux.
  • Sample Hazmat would include in addition to above: Complete Health History, Vision (with Color), Audio Test, Chem. 170 W/CBC, Lead, ZPP, Chest X-Ray and MD exam.


Fire Department Physicals
Our goal is to help you protect your service personnel with accurate and affordable on-site screenings and fire department physicals.

Onsite Medical Service can design individual programs based upon the needs of each department. Establishing a thorough baseline for each individual is most often recommended allowing our physicians to review histories to determine appropriate testing in accordance with NFPA 1582 guidelines.