Fire Department Physicals

Since 2001, Onsite Medical Service has been providing annual on-site medical services to manufacturing and municipal clients. We can also provide fire department physicals for Hazmat and Non-Hazmat members. We have over 1,200 satisfied customers in the surrounding 20 state area. 

Fire Department Physicals:

  • Our current services include: Audiometric Testing, Respirator Medical Evaluations, Qualitative and Quantitative Respirator Fit Testing, Vision Screening, Wellness Testing, Custom Molded Hearing Protection, and SCBA user exams.
  • Sample Annual Surveillance would include: Respiratory Questionnaire Review, Pulmonary Function Test, Vital Signs, Resting EKG, Dip UA, and Mantoux.
  • Sample Hazmat would include in addition to above: Complete Health History, Vision (with Color), Audio Test, Chem. 170 W/CBC, Lead, ZPP, Chest X-Ray and MD exam.
Fire Department Physicals

What is so unique about Onsite Medical Services Fire Department Physicals?

Our Fire Department Physicals truly cares about our society guardians. That is the reason why they conduct a meticulous medical evaluation of firefighters so that they can respond well in times of emergency. They can trace every minor variation in your vision, lungs, heart, hearing, lab work, and other crucial functionalities. Furthermore, Onsite Medical Services does periodic fine-tuning of their Fire Department Physicals. You can address all of your NFPA-requisite medical surveillance testing necessities at one quick and convenient appointment. Fire Department Physicals knows the physical demands of firefighting and the ensuing health risks that firefighters are exposed to. We carefully preserve your company’s health report and give you complete accessibility. Our goal is to help you protect your service personnel with accurate and affordable on-site screenings and fire department physicals. We provide the ease of delivering results without any delay. Onsite Medical Service can design individual programs based upon the needs of each department. Establishing a thorough baseline for each individual is most often recommended allowing our physicians to review histories to determine appropriate testing in accordance with NFPA 1582 guidelines. Onsite Medical Service, Inc., is a family owned business. Our mission is to exceed our customers expectations and provide quality on-site testing. The 24/7 commitment to service you, is one that you can count on. We offer Audiometric testing, Hearing conservation training, Pulmonary function tests, Quantitative respirator fit testing, Vision tests, Noise dosimetry and more. All the services of a professional clinic at your curbside!