Noise Testing Services

Onsite Medical Service recommends that you conduct sound level surveys anytime you change or upgrade equipment.

Onsite Noise Testing and sound testing - Onsite Medical ServicesWe offer onsite noise testing when it’s convenient for you.


  • For area monitoring- recordings of noise level readings for each work station and machine; these documented readings give you a “blueprint” of your noise sources.
  • A personal dosimeter worn by an employee during their work shift can measure exposure over a given time period. With use of time-weighted averages’ recommendations can be made about this person’s involvement in your hearing conservation program.
  • Onsite Medical Service using wireless Casella D-Badge dosimeters that collect measurements and transmit those measurements to a computer program via use of infrared technology. With (15) of these units we can determine 8 hour TWA of departments very quickly. An electronic report is then provided to you following the collections.