OSHA Respirator Fit Testing

Respirator Fit Testing Services & Methods

There are two methods to perform a proper fit test, including OSHA respirator fit tests. One way is qualitative, and this involves placing a hood over the employee wearing a respirator and entering an easy-to-taste concentrated atomized solution into the air around the mask. Qualitative testing, a crucial aspect of OSHA fit testing, has been used for many years, and it is quick to administer and lower in cost than quantitative fit testing equipment. When done properly, OSHA fit testing using the qualitative method is very accurate and an acceptable means for fit testing half-face masks and N95 Masks.


With the advent of Quantitative fit-testing equipment in recent years, such as OSHA fit testing, came verifiable documented results. Onsite Medical Service owns (3) Occupational Health Dynamics Quantitative Fit Testing Machines that have been proven reliable, accurate, and faster than the alternative method using the OSHA-accepted Re-Don protocol. This is the method that should be used on Full Face Respirators. Additionally, our comprehensive range of services includes quantitative respirator fit testing services, ensuring that your workforce is equipped with properly fitted respiratory protection for a safe and secure work environment.

Onsite Medical Service offers a comprehensive OSHA respiratory fit testing service, catering to a diverse range of respiratory protection devices, including supplied air respirators, dust masks, half-face masks, full-face masks, and Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA). Our quantitative respirator fit test ensures the proper and effective fit of these devices, providing a reliable assessment of their performance and compliance with OSHA standards. Whether it’s a dust mask or a Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus, our quantitative respirator test ensures that each device meets the necessary criteria for optimal protection.


You can meet 100% regulatory compliance with OSHA respirator fit testing with Onsite Medical Services. Hire our respirator fit testing services. to receive excellent service and fast results.


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 Respirator Fit Testing Services

Respirator Fit Testing Services

Qualitative Fit Test Qualitative Fit Test

Keep Your Workforce Safe & Healthy On The Job with Qualitative-Fit-Test

Respirator fit testing is a critical process to ensure the safety and health of your workforce. Qualitative fit testing is a method that relies on the wearer’s senses, such as taste and smell, to detect air leakage from the respirator. This pass/fail method is used on half-masks and is an essential part of the respiratory protection program.


Importance of Qualitative Fit Testing

Employee Safety: Ensuring that employees wear properly fitted respirators is crucial for their safety on the job, especially in environments with hazardous dusts, sprays, or gases.


Regulatory Compliance: OSHA requires qualitative or quantitative fit testing before a user wears a mandatory respirator on the job, and it must be assessed at least annually.


OSHA Guidelines and Protocols

The OSHA-accepted fit test protocols provide complete instructions for conducting qualitative fit tests. These protocols must be followed to ensure compliance with regulatory standards.


Fit Testing Services

We offer comprehensive OSHA Respirator Fit Testing services to help you keep your workforce safe and healthy on the job. Our expert team ensures that the fit testing protocols are rigorously followed, and your employees are provided with the necessary respiratory protection.


By incorporating OSHA Respirator Fit Testing Services with Onsite Medical Service, you can rest assured that your workforce is equipped with properly fitted respirators, providing a safe and healthy work environment. Contact Onsite Medical Service today for reliable and efficient qualitative-fit-testing services.