Workplace Health Testing – List of Services

Workplace Health Testing

Onsite Medical Service offers the following workplace health testing services at your location:

  1. Vision Testing
    Using a vision machine similar to Motor Vehicle Department’s, we can come onsite and test for visual acuity, near and farsightedness, depth perception, and color recognition.
  2. Industrial Hygiene Noise Testing
    Noise dosimetry testing determines an employee’s exposure or an entire department’s noise level over a given time frame. We can also do area monitoring with a sound level meter. All workplace health testing is done to ANSI and OSHA requirements.
  3. Respirator User Medical Evaluations
    A respirator medical questionnaire designed by one of our reviewing physicians pursuant to OSHA recommendations is completed by your employees and reviewed by an Occupational Health Physician.
  4. Pulmonary Function Testing
    One of our NIOSH-approved Spirometry technicians will perform a pulmonary function exam on your respirator user employees. This information is added to the respirator medical evaluations to further assist the physician in deciding on proper health to wear the Respirator provided by the employer.
  5. Blood Chemistry Testing
    Often as part of the respirator user medical evaluations on those wearing a self-contained breathing apparatus, different lab tests are run to determine a current state of health according to our physician’s orders.
  6. 12 Lead Resting EKG
    Typically, as part of the Respirator Medical Evaluations and often part of the SCBA or Hazmat user exam packages.
  7. Urinalysis
    A quick routine test that can determine abnormal levels of the following important chemistries: Glucose, Bilirubin, Ketones, Specific Gravity, PH, Protein, Urobilinogen, Nitrite, and Leucocytes, often part of the SCBA or Hazmat user exam packages
  8. Qualitative Respirator Fit Testing
    We use Qualitative fit testing using the 3m Bitrex protocol. With our 24 fit test kits, we have some hospital clients who request that we test over 200 of their front-line medical staff in 1 day, and we deliver. As an alternative, Saccharin solution is available for those who can’t taste the Bitrex.
  9. Quantitative Fit Testing
    Used mostly on Full Face respirators, we provide testing on respirators with an APF of 50.
  10. Silica Medical Surveillance
    A team of medical professionals will come onsite and provide testing meeting OSHA 1926.1153
  11. Custom Ear Protection
    We provide onsite services to create molds of your employee’s ear to form a custom-fit product. Though the initial cost is higher, over time, they can be more cost-effective than disposable plugs and more comfortable. A COMFORTABLE PLUG IS A WELL USED PLUG.

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